Wynonna Earp-Melanie Scrofano

Wynonna Earp Volume 1: Homecoming

I am absolutely overjoyed to have found Wynonna Earp. Beau Smith has crafted her with an adorable penchant for property destruction and nose-breaking. Continue reading Wynonna Earp Volume 1: Homecoming


Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 1

It is the prequel to Jupiter’s Legacy and chronicles the lives and times of  the Legacy’s kids Superhero parents, circa 1959. The plot is well laid and takes care to delve into the personal and hero lives of the characters and their membership in their superhero Union. Continue reading Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 1


Cropped Issue #2 Cover: Tony S. Daniel, Matthew Batt, & Sandu Florea
Cropped Issue #2 Cover: Tony S. Daniel, Matthew Batt, & Sandu Florea

As a #WonderWoman Feminist-Emoji-Tamara-Shopsin fan I avoided this title. When I went to pick up comics in the DC section at FirstAid Comics, I tried to avoid looking in the area I knew it was in. I assumed it would at best disappoint me and at worse, upset me like Batwoman after issue #24. One of the covers I couldn’t help but see, issue #4, really had me worried that my girl Wonder Woman was trapped in a bad romance novel.

I wasn’t at odds with the plausibility of their relationship. I could see them hanging around the JLA Watchtower on a slow day and hitting it off and Continue reading “POWER COUPLE”

Rocket Girl vol. 1

Cover for Vol. 1: Times Squared
Cover for Vol. 1: Times Squared

Rocket Girl is a comic that is seriously underrated and bound to be one of the great ones. It is still in its infancy and it leaves its readers hungry for more. Volume 1, Times Squared, collects issues 1-5 and it is one impressive and promising start. I don’t think I have ever smiled so much while reading. Anyway, more to the point:

Continue reading “Rocket Girl vol. 1”