Music Playlist: Tune Tuesday

This list tonight is a soulful mix featuring names you most likely already know.   Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City – Bobby “Blue” Bland You may have heard this one featured in a Chrysler commercial, which I think was a great song choice for the “retro-cool” the ad was trying to convey….

Reboot Your Brain with a Caffeine Nap

How to get the best of “microsleep” and keep from tapping out in the middle of your day so you can keep your grey matter sparked and geek on!

Young Terrorists #1 – Pizzolo

Eye-catching title, right? The first, graphic novel sized, 80 page issue of Young Terrorists has more than an attention grabbing title and cover art.  The story has explosions, daring escapes, conspiracies, shadow groups, mega-media corporations, and a bombastic Web news reporter (think Glenn Beck) trying to link up all the details into a more honest…

Music Playlist: Tune Tuesday

time to mix up your musical repertoire. Apparently, there is some good music we’ve been missing from New Zealand and Sweden, but don’t worry…I found a couple of artists.