Have you ever watched a show, movie, web-series, or funny video on YouTube that inspired you or infuriated you to the point that you started thinking up alternate plots or ways to expound on the original? Of course you have. You may not be familiar with fanfiction or even like it; but if you’ve ever been a F A N of anything, you understand it’s existence. Some authors and show creators love it and some can’t really stand it, which is understandable. George R. R. Martin doesn’t really care for it.

My introduction to fanfiction was via Rizzoli and Isles stories on

Rizzoli and Isles is a show on TNT about Detective Jane Rizzoli and Chief Medical Examiner Maura Iles; best friends with so much chemistry on the show that fans have taken to live tweeting the subtext of every scene they share. Worst still, the writers seem to dangle carrots and elevate the subtext to maintext for some scenes, only to have them magically dissolve as misunderstandings. Gahh! #Rizzles fo’ Life!

Anyway, fans have written hundreds of stories in canon (the official plot/universe of the show) and out of it (one of the best fanfics was set in the old west). The stories that lead to a more romantic relationship between Rizzoli and Isles are coined Rizzles stories. Some are just lovely little PWP stories and some are more in-depth, drama filled tear jerkers than the last Nicholas Sparks book you’ve read. Some are terrible, some should be best sellers.

5 Rizzoli & Isles Fan Fictions

Lesbian Fiction

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