WELCOME TO AGRABAH! The Disney Theatrical production of the 1992 classic animated film Aladdin has been dazzling the stage of the New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway in New York since March 2014. Now, Chicagoans can get in on the fun without leaving home because Agrabah and the magnificent tale of "Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp" is right here at … Continue reading ALADDIN: BROADWAY IN CHICAGO SCORES!


5 biggest tidbits from Supergirl 2×06 “Changing”

"...change is good when you finally become what you were meant to be" -#Supergirl 1. Climate change deniers betta watch out cause you in danger, girl! Scientist have had it with being called chicken little and in this episode Doctor Rudy Jones becomes   *dramatic pause* the PARASITE. We say parasite, he says, "new organism...better … Continue reading 5 biggest tidbits from Supergirl 2×06 “Changing”