WATCH: Liberty’s Secret

"A lesbian movie-musical. About the song and dance of politics." -Liberty's Liberty's Secret from Andy Kirshner on Vimeo. The squeaky-clean daughter of a fundamentalist preacher becomes the symbolic centerpiece of a conservative political campaign. But when she falls in love with a woman, she must choose between the life she's known, and the … Continue reading WATCH: Liberty’s Secret


5 biggest tidbits from Supergirl 2×06 “Changing”

"...change is good when you finally become what you were meant to be" -#Supergirl 1. Climate change deniers betta watch out cause you in danger, girl! Scientist have had it with being called chicken little and in this episode Doctor Rudy Jones becomes   *dramatic pause* the PARASITE. We say parasite, he says, "new organism...better … Continue reading 5 biggest tidbits from Supergirl 2×06 “Changing”