DayBlack – Keef Cross

DayBlack is the story of Merce, a former slave who was bitten by a vampire in the cotton fields. Four hundred years later, he works as a tattoo artist in the small town of DayBlack. Continue reading DayBlack – Keef Cross


Ms. Marvel, G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

Edited and cropped Issue #1Cover

This is a Marvel NOW! title and Ms. Marvel is now Kamala Khan, a teenage girl who is also Pakistani-American. Kamala is the first Muslim character to headline her own comic at Marvel. The religion and heritage of the new heroine in this title caused a tizzy, but Marvel and the creative team didn’t just change the age and race of the Ms. Marvel to get attention,

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The Royals: Masters of War, Rob Williams and Simon Coleby

The year is 1940. As the Blitz destroys London and kills thousands, the Royal Family looks on. But in this world, the only people with special abilities are Royalty, and the purer the bloodline, the greater their abilities. So why don’t they stop the carnage with their powers? A truce between the Earth’s nobles has kept them out of our wars—until now. When England’s Prince Henry can take no more and intervenes, will it stop the planet’s suffering or take it to another level?
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Cropped Issue #2 Cover: Tony S. Daniel, Matthew Batt, & Sandu Florea
Cropped Issue #2 Cover: Tony S. Daniel, Matthew Batt, & Sandu Florea

As a #WonderWoman Feminist-Emoji-Tamara-Shopsin fan I avoided this title. When I went to pick up comics in the DC section at FirstAid Comics, I tried to avoid looking in the area I knew it was in. I assumed it would at best disappoint me and at worse, upset me like Batwoman after issue #24. One of the covers I couldn’t help but see, issue #4, really had me worried that my girl Wonder Woman was trapped in a bad romance novel.

I wasn’t at odds with the plausibility of their relationship. I could see them hanging around the JLA Watchtower on a slow day and hitting it off and Continue reading “POWER COUPLE”

7 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Wonder Woman

Originally posted on TIME:
Even the most devout Wonder Woman fanatics probably didn’t know that the heroine’s creator, William Moulton Marston, a psychologist, lived with and had children with two women at the same time. They also probably didn’t know that he had slightly strange theories about the benefits of bondage. Nor is it common knowledge that the character, which debuted in 1942, was inspired by the leaders of the suffragist movement. In her new book, The Secret History of Wonder Woman, which hits shelves Tuesday, New Yorker writer and Harvard professor Jill Lepore delves into the life of the man who created Wonder Woman. The… Continue reading 7 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Wonder Woman

Rocket Girl vol. 1

Cover for Vol. 1: Times Squared
Cover for Vol. 1: Times Squared

Rocket Girl is a comic that is seriously underrated and bound to be one of the great ones. It is still in its infancy and it leaves its readers hungry for more. Volume 1, Times Squared, collects issues 1-5 and it is one impressive and promising start. I don’t think I have ever smiled so much while reading. Anyway, more to the point:

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Once the Clouds Have Gone

Once the Clouds Have Gone by K.E. Payne

Once The Clouds Have Gone by KE PayneKE Payne has created a protagonist that is not only accessible, but almost palpable. The novel opens with Tag Grainger in a situation that many of us will someday find ourselves in; the death of a parent and the necessity to return home. The “home” she is to return to is a fading and forgotten scar.

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