5 biggest tidbits from Supergirl 2×06 “Changing”

“…change is good when you finally become what you were meant to be” –#Supergirl

1. Climate change deniers betta watch out cause you in danger, girl!

Scientist have had it with being called chicken little and in this episode Doctor Rudy Jones becomes   *dramatic pause* the PARASITE. We say parasite, he says, “new organism…better than the sum of its parts!” But symbiotic is as symbiotic does, dude.


2. Mon-el gets Kara drunk

kara-zor-el-drinks        kara-floaty       kara-zor-el-drunk  dont-drink-and-fly        hey-alex-danvers    that’s right, don’t drink & fly

3. Alex Danvers comes out to herself and her sister

Alex Danvers realized that she was beginning to have feelings for Detective Maggie Sawyer and that propelled her to start really thinking about her sexuality in episode 5. The writers and the actresses; Chyler Leigh, Melissa Benoist, Floriana Lima; produced an authentic, thoughtful, and quite moving portrayal of a woman realizing later in life that she is gay and then facing that reality.

In a mere handful of scenes, they showed the fear of familial rejection, the feelings of overwhelming otherness/isolation, the excitement and thrill of falling in love, and the utterly frightening endeavor of pursuing the person you’ve come to feel so deeply for. Kara listens to Alex as her sister struggles to find the words to describe a major shift in her self-awareness and though the revelation is somewhat surprising to Kara, she is supportive and encouraging. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once.

4. Jimmy Olsen becomes Guardian 

Photo Credit: Moviepilot.com

Got to hand it to Winn, James (Mehcad Brooks) looked great! I’m excited to learn more about his non-super-powered, high-tech abilities.

Photo Credit: Moviepilot.com

5. We finally got to see where Alex Danvers sleeps…when she finally sleeps

We finally got to see Alex’s apartment and, surprise, there’s no television in sight! I really appreciate the set designers of the show. Her apartment fits her personality, right down to the family pictures on the mantle (including one of her dad, Jeremiah).

The CW is now Nerd Central

Since Supergirl switched from CBS to their CW imprint, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the direction of the show.  I was worried when Cat Grant decided to take a sabbatical and appointed Jimmy Olsen in her stead, not because I felt the show couldn’t function without her, but because I was worried that losing the dynamic she shared with Kara would take an element of women in positive and supportive relationships from the show. I also worried that it was just done to ebb the mounting tower of #SuperCat (which is a force that will not easily be dispersed).

I, for one, was all for fans having good fun writing fanfics, but felt it would be impossible to make it canon and have the show survive, but getting rid of Cat just to say, “hey fans, not gonna happen”, seemed extreme. Turns out, the writers had big plans for adding new characters and plot lines. Also,  #Sanvers may have just taken over the fanfic game.

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