Just Juliet


“Juliet represents the road less traveled. Will Lena take it?”


This is one of the best books I have ever read…

That may seem a bit extreme but it is my honest reaction to reading Just Juliet. It is definitely on my top 20 books list, and I’ll be re-reading it before long. Also, this may be the perfect F A L L read. It is seriously like sipping the best hot chocolate and, as you will see when you read it, there are a lot of references to hot chocolate.

Just Juliet  is about love…the love between best friends, solid and true; the love between two young people, still discovering what love is; the love between parents and children, which proves to be conditional in some cases; and love that transcends a lifetime, because those that have passed are immortalized in the hearts of the people that love them.

Charlotte Reagan’s charming, funny, personable voice as an author shines throughout the book in a way that almost immediately made we want to read more stories that she’s written. Beyond that, Reagan expertly crafted her cast of characters, especially her protagonist Lena Newman. The story is told from Lena’s POV in a way that endears you to her and the people she encounters. In that way, Reagan was very successful in giving depth to the supporting cast of characters, including Juliet’s father, Mr. James. You’ll find soon enough that Mr. James is like all the best t.v. dad’s from the ’80s and ’90s … so much so, other kids try to adopt him as their parent. His loving acceptance and warmth leaps from the page and contrasts heavily with the other parent’s prickly toleration and even rejection of their own children in the book.

Lena is honest, hilarious, good-natured, and she drives a ’69 camaro without being a jerk; you’ll love her immediately. While this can be categorized as a coming-out story, it really is more prominently a love story and a really heart warming one at that. It will remind you of the thrill, splendor, and utter terror of first realizing you were in love.

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