Blogging While Brown Conference 2016

This year I attended my first blogging conference, Blogging While Brown (BWB), with my Wife and fellow blogger.

Though it was necessary for it to be a quick trip and a long drive to D.C. from Chicago, I enjoyed myself immensely. ..

While there, I met some amazing people, gained a new interest (podcasts!), and got a lot of inspiration.  This year the conference was held at the Marvin Center on the campus of the George Washington University.


The conference was well organized and had some spiffy sponsors:



Loving Film
The Loving Film is a must-see…the story of Virginia v. Loving

They provided coffee (Starbucks), tea, fruit, and yogurt for the morning sessions and brown box lunches that had everything from roasted vegetable wraps to tandoori chicken sandwiches for the afternoon break-out sessions.








#BWBDC  kicked off with a presentation by Joi Gamble, Director of Brand Partnerships for BWB and Gina McCauley, Founder of BWB.

Stitch Fix did a Give-a-way and passed out swag (jewelry for women and socks for men). I kindly requested the super-lush argyle socks instead of the jewelry and they were happy to oblige.

I did as much live tweeting and retweeting as I could while still maintaining interaction with people around me. It would have been a shame to miss out on the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with other creatives because my phone was in my face the whole time, but on the flip-side, it was an open and accepting space for the tech-absorbed because after all, we’re bloggers…😉

Keynote: Blog, Build, Sell: How to Turn Page Views into Dollar Signs, Presented by Arsha Jones

Arsha JonesThe Keynote given by Arsha Jones  got the audience pulling out their devices and taking notes.

“Arsha Jones is a creative soul with a penchant for marketing, sales, technology, social media, and popular culture. An emerging leader in the e-commerce industry, she has built multiple, highly profitable brands, one of which has seen revenues approaching nearly a quarter of a million dollars in less than two years….Driven by the personal experience of Arsha Jones, founder of For the Creatives, LLC, this presentation will give you the tools you need to turn your page views into dollar signs with e-commerce.”  –BWB

This conference was for every blogger and with a focus on those with the similar and distinct experience of “blogging while brown”, but there was an abundance of                                      💫✨ WONDER WOMEN✨💫 

Session: Discoverability, the Differentiator that Matters FIRST in a Crowded Marketplace Presented by Lucrecer Braxton, Davida Arnold

Lucrecer Braxton
Lucrecer Braxton


Davida Arnold
#Alladis #GirlGameChanger


These women were HILARIOUS and really got the audience engaged and “slipped in the medicine”.

“Davida Arnold, Content Marketing Manager, SheKnows Media
Lightning Lesson: “Hashtaggery is Not Tomfoolery”
Hashtags can be used to claim ownership and build a following for a brand, or they can be used to integrate into an existing community to be discovered by that community. For example: Davida is the founder and Creative Director of #GirlGameChanger, a social network of #WomenWhoDare since 2013…

Lucrecer Braxton, Conference Programming Manager, BlogHer Conferences
Lightning Lesson: “Taking the Stage”
Speaking at local events, seminars (online and off) and ultimately national conferences is a super-charged way to improve your discoverability for future opportunities. Not only can you build followers from those who see your work live and in person, you can build your resume with the kind of accomplishments and credits that are third-party validated…” –BWB


Attendee Meetup/Dreamup

Blogging While Brown

During lunch we connected with each other and the sponsors…


Workshop: How to Be a Podcasting Rockstar Part I. – Presented by Rob Walch of Libsyn

Rob Walch via

I don’t know if producing my own podcast is for me, but Rob definitely got me thinking and now listening to podcasts. First podcast I really listened to was Geek in the City #364 “Parry the Shot” with #TeamDiana.


Sponsored Content 101: How Publishers & Brands Can Get Sponsored Content Right Presented by Ty Alexander

gorgeous in grey

The illustrious Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey gave us all tips on the art of storytelling and crafting sponsored content:

  • The top three things publishers and brands do that make sponsored content fail
  • What makes a good storyteller
  • How to promote sponsored content

Sponsored Content 101

Then came the Black Weblog Awards ceremony for the 2015 winners, presented By Winnie Caldwell and Sarah L. Webb.

Black Weblog Awards

Best LGBT BlogWindy City Wardrobe [My wife]

Best Gaming or Comics BlogThe Deep End Review [Me]

That’s right— we both got awards!

Black Weblog Winners
Post awards at Hotel George
 Really, it was an honor to be nominated and then selected along with this group of bloggers.😄
Geek Extraordinaire 
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