Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 1

Story By: Mark Millar
Art By: Wilfredo Torres and Davide Gianfelice
Cover By: Frank Quitely


The other day, June 29th, was Millar Day. Why is there a day named after Mark Millar? Because genius should be celebrated and the man is an imperial genius. With Kingsman: The Secret Service, Empress, HUCK, CHRONONAUTS, and WANTED being the product of his genius, I’d like to hear a dissenting opinion that actually has any root in reality…

Jupiter’s Circle is no exception. It is the prequel to Jupiter’s Legacy and chronicles the lives and times of  the Legacy’s kids Superhero parents, circa 1959. The plot is well laid and takes care to delve into the personal and hero lives of the characters and their membership in their superhero Union. The historical tie-ins were great. The art is wonderful and has just the right retro feel and coloring.

The Blue-Bolt talking with friend Katherine Hepburn
The Union

The Utopian – Sheldon Samson

Brainwave – Walter Sampson

The Flare – Fitz

Lady Liberty – Grace Kennedy

Blue-Bolt – Dr. Richard Conrad

Skyfox – George Hutchence

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I love Frank Quitely’s art as well and so I marveled at all the covers:jupiterscircle_04-1


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