DC Universe: Rebirth #1 on sale Today


DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns discusses his newest comics project, DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH, and what it means for the DCU and all of the many heroes and villains within it.      Via DCComics.com

Hit your LCS or Comixology to get this 80 page  kick-off for only $2.99.

Geoff says not to call it a reboot! He did an interview with Late Night’s Seth Meyers, reassuring fans that their heroes haven’t completely changed on them. Rebirth is said to be Pre-Final Crisis/ New 52 blend with an eye towards fundamental, character-driven stories. #Hope #OnlyaLittleBitofChange



Justice League: Rebirth #1
Rebirth of the Justice League



Feel like you need to study first?  Check out this video:

Or D.C.’s official pre-read guide.

DC_Logo_RGB_031816Like the new logo, or hate it?


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