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If there is one thing that we can all agree on, even in the midst of political discord, it is that         B R U N C H    is awesome. It’s like that magical time during the weekend that you can roll out of bed early or a tad late and enjoy the magnificent fusion of all that is righteous about breakfast mingled with the greatest hits of lunch and washed down with things like bloody marys and mimosas (socially acceptable alcohol). Big plans or no plans for the weekend, if you meet up with people you like/love for brunch, you’re guaranteed to have a weekend of winning. These days, every place that makes their living on selling food, offers a brunch. Not all brunch is created equal. Seems like a hard formula to mess up, but it can be chopped and screwed into the unpalatable or lack luster. Not at the Allis.

not hearty breakfast-lunch overloadbut more like continental breakfast with posh protein options

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It's time for a breakfast social

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The Allis, named after the family that commissioned the historic building, is the SoHo House Chicago’s public bakery that serves afternoon tea and evening aperitivo. Brunch selection at the Allis is …well, concise. The menu is decidedly European; with offerings of bagels and almond butters, bialys and muesli, and smoked salmons and goat cheese-filled crepes. There are sausage and egg concoctions and an assortment of teas and pastries available as well. The name of the game is not hearty breakfast-lunch overload; but more like continental breakfast with posh protein options. Suits me just fine for many reasons, but namely for the whole atmospheric experience. The Allis is the first space you will walk into at SoHo House Chicago and it is beautiful: high ceilings pouring in lots of light, rustic and retro fixtures, victorian parlor seating and chic sofas.


I recently had the pleasure of Brunch with fellow bloggers: my wife Dasha, of Windy City Wardrobe, Jalpa of Samosa Pop, Lindsey of Butter & Type, Dannie of Stile.Foto.Cibo., and Sabrina of Styles By Sab. Being in vibrant and creative company completed the winning weekend brunch experience. There were few hiccups, the delightful experience I just described…well other people like it too, not to mention the membership base, so get there early if you want a chance at the full menu and a seat.

The Allis Spring 2016 Brunch Menu


Poster for Allis

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