Views from the 6ix


Drake has announced the release date of his fourth studio album, Views from the 6, set to debut 4.29.16. The release will be an Apple Music exclusive and it’s unclear how long Apple will hold it hostage. He tweeted a video, #VIEWS, that’s part announcement and part reflection. ⬆⬆⬆

Meanwhile, the single “Pop Style” was released this past Thursday and it created a major buzz  partly due to the absolute 🔥fire of the track and partly due to the collaboration of the Throne (Drake, Jay-z, & Kanye).

The collaboration alone had most people itching to hear the track but ultimately left them mystified at the “lack of length” of Jay-Z’s contribution; a mere TWO lines. Needless to say, fans took to Twitter:



Mr. Carter has focused on the continued success and growth of Tidal and has been silent on twitter since December…




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