Top 10 LGBT Stock Photo Sites

Windy City Wardrobe


After working tirelessly to complete a project the last thing we want to do is search for stock photos. So look no further, all your LGBT stock needs can be met with these sites.



1.Masterfile: Masterfile sells single images, subscriptions and license images from $10 to Global Exclusives to clients worldwide. Masterfile releases one free photo per week.

2.Stocksy: This site is a co-operative that is owned and run by its artists. They send out invites to photographers that fit their aesthetic and the end result is breathtaking stock photos.



3. Istockphoto: Istock Photo offers a wide variety of family friendly images, and gay pride images. This is a go to site during pride week.

4. Colourbox: If you’re searching for more intimate photos you will find them at colourbox.


5. Inmagine: Inmagine offers a good selection representing inter-racial couples.

6. Gettyimages:…

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