Imbibrary, Quiet Time at the Bar

[Via Halifax Media Co-op| Chris Muise]

Sleepless in Halifax

Joshua Counsil, co-founder of Good Robot Brewing Co., has setup a little monthly event he says was inspired by Sacramento’s Sorrento Hotel. The Sorrento has a classy place called the Fireside Room, swathed in mahogany paneling and featuring the occasional jazz-piano performance; it’s the sort of place that encourages quiet refinement. Good Robot Brewing Co., self-proclaimed as “Halifax’s most questionable brewery and taproom,”  is the kind of place that encourages loud talking/drinking/general bar high jinks.

Counsil’s monthly event is focused on silencing patrons and the stereo system to create a whole other kind of social-drinking atmosphere…an imbibrary, silent reading time for patrons to sit and drink with their book of choice at the barThink it’s crazy? What it is is crazy genius. Of course, you can’t expect to have many customers if it’s always silent reading time, but having the event once a month or even once a week for a couple of hours, provides an awesome experience for some customers without alienating others. It has also had the side-affect of causing customers to start engaging in more conversations with one another. The read-dating? Hey, that name may not catch on, but the concept is solid.

“It’s social without being social. It’s actually perfect for the functional introvert,” says Kristine Kovacevic

During my time in Seattle, I stumbled upon a cool idea: silent reading parties. For two hours once a month, The Fireside Room went dead-silent as its patrons stuck their noses in books and their tongues in martinis. It was like an imbibing library – an imbibrary – the perfect place for a guy like me with one book, two hours, three cocktails and zero friends. Being forced to remain in silence for two hours also doubled as a bizarre social stimulant: once the event wrapped, people began chatting. A lot. With strangers.” – Josh Counsil – Wroughtironbrewing [Good Robot Brewing Co.]


Photo Credit – Chris Muise

Introvert’s Delight

“For two hours, I sat quietly in a corner booth with a bunch of people I had never met, sipping an orange-infused Double IPA, and getting through some of my graphic novel backlogs. It should have been the most introverted way I could spend a night at a bar.” –Muise

Sooo, it turns out that reading Saga in a bar could get someone who also reads Saga (or was just intrigued by Fiona Staples’ amazing cover art) to spark up a conversation with you about something you may be mutually interested in; Eureka! Dating/Making friends is easy …

“After two hours of Old Fasioneds, picure books were necessary.” – Josh Counsil, From the Grog Blog, a surprisingly great read, I highly recommend…

So, next time you’re in Halifax, check the Good Robot Brewing Co. Calendar or Twitter account for a silent reading night!

[Via Halifax Media Co-op| Chris Muise]

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  1. Dāsha says:

    This really is an introverts dream; I hope I can find something similar nearby!

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