Stop and Listen

Okay so it’s not Tune Tuesday, but music is important everyday, right?

I’m propelled to share these few songs and videos because I am genuinely afraid that all music lovers in the world haven’t heard them. The artist aren’t obscure, but they also aren’t well known or “mainstream”. They are extremely talented vocalists and are not new to music though.

The first song is by Lianne La Havas [@liannelahavas] “Lost and Found”. It’s a beautifully heartbreaking song. I first heard it on a video that seemed like it was filmed at a house party…La Havas and Durand Bernarr appeared to have found a corner to sing in and someone decided to film it. Their two amazing voices combined almost made the song seem too divine to be sad,  but the lyrics can’t be ignored.

The second song is a definite change of pace with the magnificent Sam Sparrow’s (@samsparrow)”Hang on to Your Love“. The song is a solid dance floor track with way above average vocals (’cause hello have you ever heard Sam sing?), but the video is worth viewing as well. It’s got a “Strangers Kiss” vibe that may not be for everyone,  but I love the message and the equity.

This last song happened to me in XXI Forever, top floor, on a Monday night…you might have seen me…it came on over the store’s speakers and I could NOT stop dancing. It happens to me sometimes in stores. Usually it’s some Beyoncé song, but it can vary. Anyway, the song is “Reading Signs” by the Generationals (@generationals). I will be looking for more of their music. I like their panache.

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