Watch This: Flo’s new “Feminist” Ad

In the modern age, you can stream t.v. and binge watch entire seasons without watching ads. This may have led to companies (especially insurance and car) producing funny or shocking ads with likeable mascots or representatives; think the Geico Gecko, Allstate “Mayhem Guy” Dean Winters, and perhaps most notably, Progressive’s Flo.

I don’t know a Millennial that doesn’t love Flo. Which is probably why there is a lot of this on the internets:


Basically, regardless of my need for insurance or how I feel about purchasing Progressive Insurance, I dig Flo enough to purposely look at the newest ads via YouTube because they are funny and this one is particularly amusing. I don’t know why. It may be because I just finished Bitch Planet issue #5 and I’m all ‘middle finger to the patriarchy’ or it maybe be the fact that the guy in the ad asks Flo in an aghast tone, “where is your husband?” at the end of the ad because he’s so outdone with her feminist insolence.

In case you missed it cause you’ve been catching up on the Walking Dead on Netflix…lookit

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  1. Sean McGrath says:

    Actually, it evidences a bias agains women who work as homemakers as it suggests that you can’t “work hard” unless you have a job that pays a salary. Why is mockery of traditional families always to be celebrated where such treatment of non-traditional families would never be countenanced?


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