There’s No Place Like Home

Windy City Wardrobe

So you may have noticed the deafening silence here lately, but I assure you everything is fine. I took a much needed hiatus, and for the first time, I went home to visit the loved ones I left behind three years ago.


Nothing like a little tom foolery with my baby brother, Jr.



In my family girls are very special because only one is born every 14 years. Meet my pride, joy & favorite cousin, Maliyah. 20151003_184345-1

Meet my granny AKA nana, the matriarch of the family. I’m the only grand child who calls her granny, but I’m the first born so ha, granny it is.IMG_6962

Meet uncle Shane AKA terrorizer of all children on the left.


You all might recognize the super-woman on the right as my wife, Michaela and Windy City Wardrobe’s editor in chief.


Mini Me AKA Mama is the queen of hospitality, so the guest room and food…

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