Music Playlist: Tune Tuesday



It’s the first Tuesday of the month…time to mix up your musical repertoire. Apparently, there is some good music we’ve been missing from New Zealand and Sweden, but don’t worry…I found a couple of artists. This week features two songs from native Swede, Lykke Li, because she is amazing and if you haven’t heard some of her music yet, prepare to be obsessed. I picked two songs that are perfect for setting a real chill mood; “Little Bit” and “Love Out of Lust”.


First in the list though, is “Ikarus” by a lovely New Zealander who goes by the name of Ladi6. What a cool name for a song, right? Even if you know the story of Icarus, you’ll love this song. Ladi6’s voice is sexy, sultry, and confident with lyrics to match. I first heard the song when my wife shared Giulia Salvatore’s choreography to the song on YouTube:

After that, I probably listened to it at least once a day for a month.


“All to Myself (Style of Tigers + YDID Mix)” by Stacey, from Canada,….cause it’s so smooth. I heard it playing in the background at Cosima’s  girlfriend’s house on an episode Orphan Black and loved it. I love a good mix, which brings me to the last song…


So, I’m betting you know the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye, but have you heard the ear candy that is the M-Phazes remix? It’s the last song on the list in a mic’ drop kinda way.


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  1. Maria Morelli says:

    Michaela….You look fabulous!!!!


    1. M.G. Guyton says:

      Awwl, thanks Maria. My profile pic is a little dated…before my new haircut


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