Music Playlist: Tune Tuesday

Hey, beautiful people! How you doing tonight? Coming right at you from The Deep End Review, a new series featuring some of the most out there and amazingly cosmic tunes. I’m you’re host, DJ DEEPER, and I’m going to be you’re new concierge into a (indie, acid jazzy, afrofuturist, neo-soul, house, abstract, shades-of-blue) galaxy you will want to tell your friends about.

Most playlists will be 3-5 tracks at least and feature some names you know and some names you’ll be glad to learn.

This first set features some of my favorite artists. First up we have the fabulous Brazilian Girls (no one in the band is Brazilian, but somehow the name deliciously fits.) The song is Dance Till the Morning Sun and it’s perfect to start out this series and playlist. When I hear it, I feel like I’m on a beach in Ibiza and the sun is just starting to go down, into the most legendary Ibizan sunset, and I’m dancing with my wife in a crowd of other lovely people just enjoying our youth, perfect weather, and rum soaked abandon…I love the Brazilian Girls and you will see them in playlists often…listen and you’ll understand.

brazilian girls

Next up we got Esthero with “Thank Heaven 4 You”. Dedicate this to the one your thankful for. @dashaguyton, I love you.


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs is probably my favorite band. I LOVE Karen O; the woman is a unicorn. They can be all over the place in terms of style, but “Soft Shock” is perfect for the vibe we’ve got started.

yeah yeah yeahs

Esthero again, because she is so underrated. I once heard somebody say that P!nk was a mainstream and watered down version of her. I don’t know about all that, but I can definitely tell you that this woman is deep and keeps pretty cool company…

Devin the Dude and Esthero
Devin the Dude and Esthero

I can’t think of a better fade out for you, ladies and gentleman, than the always smooth and sexy Theivery Corporation’s “A Gentle Dissolve”. You may have heard Solange sample this one on “God Given Name” to open her album SoL-AngeL and The Hadley St. Dreams, which earned my sincere Respect.

Cosmic Game

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