Apple Music Is Here, But Is Streaming Right For You? – WSJ

Is streaming music worth $120 a year to listen to a buffet of music but never own a track? How helpful are the algorithms from these services in expanding your musical interests…? I’ve been using Google Play for about five months now and I swear every month I question wether or not I should keep it.


Photo via WSJ


I end up renewing becuase I can’t bear parting with my new playlists that contain old standbys like Esthero, Fleetwood, Ani Difranco, Miles Davis, T.I.,  Average White Band, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Beyoncé , Chopin, Diana Krall, Astrud Gilberto, Norah Jones, KT Tunstall, Blossom Dearie, Lil Wayne, Chris Botti, Chavela Vargas, Bob Marley, Hall & Oates, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more.

But Google Play helped me find Phantogram, the Black Keys, Jessie Ware, Ray LaMontagne, Lykke Li, Local Natives, HAIM, Cat Power, Ladyhawke, Bombay Bicycle Club, Herbie Hancock, Maria Vita, Jimmy Bosch, and the Kills and more…


Photo via WSJ

I am so hooked into Google platforms, there is no turning back. I’ve got e-mail, a Google Wallet card, a decent bit of electronic money flowing in from Google Rewards, Google Fit and  …I’m close to just applying for a job and joining the team.

All that aside though, as you may be able to tell, I love music. My musical taste are diverse but focused heavily in jazz, bossa nova, and indie/folk. Google Play Subscription works for me overall and I haven’t run in to too many situations where there was something I wanted to listen too and they didn’t have it.


The only song I can think of that Google didn’t have at the moment is a song called “Chocolate Cadillac” by Red Mitchell. That annoyed me, but I got over it and bought it on Amazon. Speaking of Amazon,  my family is an Amazon Prime Family and Amazon has music streaming too but I just never looked into it. With so many players on the field now, it may be time for a sistah to shop around, you dig?

This WSJ article expounds on the delimma with the news of ‘Johhny Come Lately’ Apple adding a service to the mix.


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