Batgirl Vol. 1: Batgirl of Burnside

Welcome to Burnside! Burnside is Gotham’s coolest new neighborhood with trendy spots, yogilates, and boutique coffee. Sounds a lot like some of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago touting street art and an eclectic mix of shops. But while Hyde Park and Wicker Park are home to many a cool hipster, none of them are BATGIRL!

Batgirl, Barbra “Babs” Gordon, is the newest resident and she is #trending. I mean, quite literally, she is now a Batgirl that has to adapt to her surroundings and embrace social media to protect/promote her image, which tech savvy villains are threatening. This book comprises Batgirl #35-40 and a flashback to Barbara’s origins from Secret Origins #10. I found that really helpful (though the book didn’t necessarily need it) because I have not read a Batgirl title before. Most of what I know about Batgirl comes from consuming a lot of DC stuff in general. I knew that she is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, that she has a brilliant super computer-like brain, that she is skilled in the Arnis fighting style (which is seriously cool to this MMA fan), that she was paralyzed at one time by the Joker, and that she was once known as the Oracle. What really drew me to this title now was Batgirl’s new look and the buzz around the new creative team of Cameron Stewart (@CameronMStewart) Babs Tarr (@Babsdraws), Brenden Fletcher (@BrendenFletcher), and Maris Wicks. This cover by Cameron Stewart is dazzling:

Batgirl #35

Nice selfie Babs. I also noticed that one of the stickers on the mirror in the cover for Batgirl #35 was for the band Ashes on Sunday. I’ve been reading Gotham Academy and a character from that title proclaimed how they were Gotham’s new hottest band. I absolutely love that kind of “shared Universe….Kevin Smith” kinda stuff. I love Babs’ new look too. It is practical, cool, and also fabulously cosplay ready. For reasons I don’t want to ruin for you, Barbara had to come up with a new suit. With limited resources and loads of creativity she came up with this one and it is niiiiiccce.

Batgirl's New Look

Babs, or “Babes” as her new friend and roomie Frankie likes to call her, is very…human in this run. She is awesome, yet flawed. She comes off as being someone you might know. She parties, uses Hooq (a dating app), and “Pixtagraphs” more than I do. Some people may find things like tweeting not “superhero” worthy, but I find it endearing and relatable…probably because I tweet a lot. Batgirl even uses a bit of hacking and her smartphone to take down a bad guy. Why not? All in all this book is a fun read. The arc is never boring and ends at a good place. Stewart and Fletcher nailed it. I adore Babs Tarr; her frames are amazing.

from Babs Tarr's Tumblr
Dinah from Babs Tarr’s Tumblr


Batgirl’s friend Dinah Lance (Black Canary) makes an appearance in this book too. I was so happy to see her. She provides great dialogue and facilitates more insight into who Batgirl/Barbara Gordon is. She is also magnificent…I can’t wait to read Black Canary #1:

Dinah Lance and Barbara Gordon


Have I looked through maps of Gotham on the internet to find approximately where Burnside is? Of course I did!

Gamer4Maker  from Reddit wrote:

“I was speaking to Brenden Fletcher (co-writer of Batgirl) about the location of Burnside, Babs’ new residence. We determined that the current possible location is between the Airport and Trigate Bridge. If you map out the population density of Gotham City (I’ll post that sometime) it’s a logical spot for expansion.
The writers/DC haven’t set anything in stone (it’s only appeared in one issue so far), but this seems to be the current idea.

Batgirl is Copyright of DC Comics. Images featured under Fair Use for Review Purposes.
*I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. This review is not for pay and is my opinion alone.

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