Red One #2

I love Vera (Alabama), she is adorable and tougher than the Iron Curtain at the same time. The art this issue continues to be amazing. Vera fails and then succeeds with cooking eggs for Lew, all while getting in some core work.


I can do that…

****Very slight spoiler, beware…****

She kicks ass and has no time to take names, but in this issue she leaves her new American Hero name with a thankful citizen; RED ONE.Thank goodness Russlan didn’t get his way and she got named ….Devil Spider? According to Georg she is becoming beloved as Bob Marley to a great number of the American people and they want to make Red One toys and t-shirts (I want some Red One swag too).

I like Cowan’s lettering on this.

We get more of Jacky Core’s awful campaign for Governor of California and more of her fanatical followers terrorizing people they feel are sinners and should die. Alabama has to make a very tough decision this issue too, to either follow orders and abandon a new friend or not follow orders and possibly put Alyosha and Masha, her throuple, in danger. We wrap this issue up by meeting the Carpenter and he is more sinister that I was prepared for.There is a cliffhanger and it has me wishing I had another book in my hands. This story has so been intriguing and unique on the whole that I am excited in general to see more of it.

I absolutely loved issue #1, but I waited awhile to even start the second issue because issue #1 gave a whole lot of story arc, honestly, and I’m pretty busy lately. There’s a letter at the end of this issue from Team Red one that explains to readers that these two issues of Red One (a whopping 59 pages) will be collected “into a deluxe 80 page European sized (9 x12 inch) hardcover,” this Summer. I’m excited about that and I can’t wait to see the extra content. These two issues had frames galore, plenty of pages, and a very full story arc, so yeah…it doesn’t bother me that I’ll be waiting until next Spring for the next issue. As the letter points out, I’ll be waiting for the next installment of some of my favorite shows until then too. I’d be bothered if I were getting issues monthly that were flimsy in art or story. I’ve had a few titles like that and it’s infuriating to get a whole lot of nothing and I lose interest quickly in that kind of soap opera “bait-pace”.

Go Team Red One!!!

Anyhoo, gotta go hurry up and wait for Orange is the New Black now, bye.

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  1. I’m waiting for the collected edition, I’ll buy it without hesitation.

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