Kanela Breakfast Club

Happy Friday Chicago! If you’re interested in rolling out of bed in the morning and having a waaayyyy above average brunch, make your way to Kanela Breakfast Club in Old Town. Seriously. They have other locations in Lakeview and Wicker Park, but I can only vouch for the amazing food and great service at the Old Town location; I went there twice with my wife. One visit was on a Sunday afternoon during a very busy brunch hour. The word is out and there were plenty of people waiting…patiently. They already knew what I was soon to find out– it is so worth the wait.

At this time, Kanela does not accept reservations. It is a small but cozy location and if you want to be in the club, you have to show up. But, honestly it is no biggie. We put our name on a list they were maintaining on an ipad (that’s right, no disorganized pen and paper shenanigans) and they took down a cell number from us so they could text when our table for two was ready.

I think we waited about a half hour, but here is a tip: down the street from Kanela there is an Intelligentsia Coffee attached to the Plum Market, so grab a cup and hurry back! Also, I noticed there was a La Fournette Bakery across the street from Kanela too. If you’re a diehard Starbucks fan, there’s one of those a stone’s throw away from anything, so have it your way but in my personal opinion Intelligentsia is otherworldly good and I’m trying to give you an extraordinary morning tomorrow.

Back to my extraordinary morning; which was my wife’s idea (she knows how to plan a date) by the way, I should mention that ever since I first heard the concept of Chicken and Waffles I’ve wanted to try it. I’ve had plenty of opportunities but either the chicken or the waffles appeared subpar before and it just never felt right. I saw it on Kanela’s menu and asked the waitress about it. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but when I do it must be boneless, for real. The waitress assured me it was boneless and awesome so I got it. While we waited for our meals to arrive I noticed several delicious looking plates delivered to their tables that made me hope mine would be as beautiful and tasty. I was not disappointed. My chicken and waffles came with a sriracha honey sauce, syrup, and sunny side up eggs. The waffles were buttermilk and fresh and the chicken was well seasoned, crispy, and boneless! Tasted great.


You have to try a place twice before you can truly know it’s good. We went back on a Monday for breakfast and it was nearly empty. That could be good or bad. Good in that you could get faster, more attentive service. Bad in that you could get less fresh food and servers that could care less about a practically empty dining room. I’m happy to report that we got awesome service and food, again!

My wife opted for the Chicken and Waffles and I got a perfectly cooked Crab Cakes Benedict with chipotle hollandaise. And this time we had the Julius Meinl coffee that Kanela serves and it was actually so good, I plan on going to the Julius Meinl coffee bar later. Wow, now I’m making my self hungry. See you at the breakfast club!

Photo from Tripadvisor

Photo from Tripadvisor

Here is their menu.

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