Binge-worthy:⚓Black Sails⚓

This here binge-list is a list of underdogs, in a sense. I say that because I started watching some of them when they first aired, before they’d won any Emmys or other such accolades. During down-time at the office my colleagues and I would talk about shows we were watching that we were really into. We’d pile through the list of crowd favorites (Orange is the New Black, TWD, GoT, etc…) and no one had even heard of Black Sails and had no idea Starz had original programming or that it had shows produced by the likes of Michael “Big-Budget Blockbuster” Bay! Fans are numerous now.

Black sails is the prequel to the classic novel “Treasure Island”. The cast is seriously stellar. Every one plays their part like they are the lead and every scene is the scene. There’s grit, sweat, and grime set against the backdrop of Nassau Bahamas (they actually film in Cape Town, South Africa). The shows three leading men are shredded as you would expect any wind-whipped pirate to be, thanks to a rigorous training program that includes rowing 2000 meters on a machine in 7 minutes. Anyhoo, this show really has multiple elements of like-ability for me: well weaved and executed plot, explosions, lesbians, awesome pirates, underdog story, head-woman-in-charge of shit; I love it.💖

So how can you get into this show yourself? Like I said, it is a Starz original, so if you have Starz you can watch in via the Starz Play app. Need other ideas? Read Bustle’s How to Watch ‘Black Sails’ Without Turning to Piracy Yourself 😏


Binge-worthy List

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