Convergence: The Question #1

I was most excited about The Question #1 coming up in the Convergence stew of the DC Universe. Issue #1 was solid and we see Renee Montoya looking comfortingly familiar and without theMark of Cainon her forehead. Good deal. 

Greg Rucka did an interview with the good folks of One question (lol, smh) he was asked is if the show Gotham affects or informs his writing of Renee Montoya:

Renee is obviously on Gotham right now, giving her a kind of visibility outside of the bat-books that she hasn’t had before in a lot of ways. Do you feel like other-media adaptations can help bring a book like this in front of a new audience or is that something that doesn’t even occur to you?

I don’t consider it. Comparing Renee in Gotham to Renee in this is…problematic. It’s the alternate universe thing; Gotham’s Renee is clearly born of work that I and others have done with her, but that doesn’t make her the same character as much as it makes her yet another interpretation, iteration. If Gotham’s success brings people to the book, I think that’s wonderful, that can in no way be seen as a bad thing. But it’s just not something I can let inform the writing.                                   –By Russ Burlingame [02/23/2015]

All I’ve got to say is….image001


and Victoria Cartagena (of the show Gotham) seems like a very nice lady, but she just isn’t Renee Montoya to me. I mean, is it just me? Are there people out there that see this?

        image004 this nice lady

=  image005The Question?

Overall, though, I’m just glad to see these characters depicted on television. Who knows when I’m going to be able to go to a theater and see a major film starring Wonder Woman and featuring Batwoman and The Question and Batgirl; hell the Birds of Prey and yeah…dreaming.

While I’m dreaming…why not start casting…say Rosario Dawson


Or…even Michelle Rodriguez  image008

Hey, this casting thing is easy…

The Birds of Prey show got Black Canary right  image009  <comicicons>

image011And Oracle/Batgirl  

image010 <comicicons>

I don’t know so much about Huntress… image012<comicicons>

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